Society of Biblical Literature

Past Programs

Annual SBL Meeting Programs
in Psychology and Biblical Studies

Psychology and Biblical Studies Section:

1998- present

  • There’s No Place Like Home: PsyBibs and the Return to the Womb
  • Death and the Future of Psychological Biblical Criticism
  • Paul, the Philippians, and Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy— A Cognitive-Critical Biblical Analysis
  • Psychological Biblical Criticism in 2017: Retrospect and Prospect
  • Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies: Loving the Other in the Bible
  • Cris de Coeur: Despair in the Bible
  • DMT and the Soul of Prophecy Review Session (CANCELLED)
  • Biblical Selves in Public and Private
  • Bible and the Brain
  • Ritual, Psychology, and the Bible
  • The Contribution of Daniel Merkur’s Relating to God to Psychological Biblical Interpretation
  • Shame and Shadow in the Hebrew Bible
  • Unfolding the Unconscious in Biblical Texts
  • Subversion and Affirmation: Irony and Transformation
  • Book Review: Psychological Hermeneutics of Biblical Themes and Texts
  • Reviews of Two Books: Lai, Through the “I” Window; Blessing, Families of the Bible
  • Jacob, David and Jonah: Psychological Perspectives on the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Psychological Reflections on Readers and Reading
  • Joint Session with Scriptural/Contextual Ethics Group (AAR)- In Memory of Walter Wink
2011: San Francisco

  • Healthy(?) Biblical Studies
  • Book Review: Psychological Analyses and the Historical Jesus
  • Explorations in Hebrew Scriptures
  • Divinity, Readers, and Reading: Psychology and Interpretation
2010: Atlanta

  • Book Review: The Making of Fornication
  • New models for Psychological Criticism
  • Cognitive Approaches to the Bible
  • The Bible in Healing and Transformation
2009: New Orleans

  • Jesus The Village Psychiatrist, A Critique and Appreciation
  • The Secret Gospel of Mark, Sex, Death, and Madness:
    The Psychodynamics of Morton Smith’s Proposal
  • Otherness and Motherness:
    Psychological Forays into the Hebrew Scriptures
  • New Testament Texts and Methods: Jesus, Marriage, and Personality
2008: Boston

  • Review of Psychological Insight into the Bible: Texts and Readings
  • Abuse and Healing in Biblical Texts
  • European Perspectives

2007: San Diego

  • The Aha! of a Ha!: Psychological Insights into Biblical Humor
  • From Anger to Atonement, Inadequacy to Grace: Emotional Transference and Transformation in the Bible
  • Psychology and the Bible in Practice: Clinic & Classroom
  • Psychology and the Bible in Practice: Congregation & Community

2006: Washington DC

  • Review of Psychology and the Bible
  • Psychology, the Bible, and Politics
  • In the Valley of the Shadow: Despair, Depression, and Trauma in the Bible

2005: Philadelphia

  • Personality Development
  • Anger & Aggression
  • Bible & Violence

2004: San Antonio

  • Apocalypse and Cosmic Conflict
  • Psychological Views of Biblical Law, Jesus and Divine Retribution
2003: Atlanta

  • The Bible and Human Transformation
  • Methods and Explorations in Psychological Criticism
2002: Toronto

  • Biblical Violence and Consolation: Psychological Perspectives
  • Review of Two Books:
  • Michael Willett Newheart, Word and Soul
  • W.W. Meissner, The Cultic Origins of Christianity
2001: Denver

  • Psychological Models for Biblical Criticism
  • Review of Kille, Psychological Biblical Criticism
  • Pathogenic and Therapeutic
  • Review of Two Books:
    Hal Childs, The Myth of the Historical Jesus
    Donald Capps, Jesus, a Psychological Biography
1999: Boston

  • Biblical Apocalypticism
  • Review of Rollins’ Soul and Psyche

1998: Orlando

  • Textual Interpretation
  • Drewermann

Psychology and Biblical Studies Group

1997: San Francisco

  • Review of Two Books
    Stevan Davies, Jesus the Healer: Possession, Trance, and the Origins of Christianity
    John Miller, Jesus at Thirty: A Psychological and Historical Portrait
  • Soul and Psyche
1996: New Orleans

  • Psychology and Biblical Studies
  • Biblical Figures and Texts
1995: Philadelphia

  • Psychological Models
1994: Chicago

  • Gnostic Literature and Jung
  • Texts and Stories

Psychology and Biblical Studies Consultation

1993: Washington DC

  • Models for Text Interpretation
1992: San Francisco

  • Future Directions
1991: Kansas City

  • Historical and Contemporary Perspective

1999 (Boston)

Session 1: Psychological Aspects of Biblical Apocalypticism Ilona N. Rashkow, presiding

  • Dereck M. Daschke, The University of Chicago,
    “`Because of My Grief I have Spoken:’ The Psychology of Loss in 4 Ezra”
  • Andre Lacocque, Chicago Theological Seminary,
    “Millennium and Apocalyptic: The Old Sheds Light on the New” .
  • Charles T. Davis, III, Appalachian State University,
    “Revelation Chapter Seventeen: An Enduring Foundation for Millennial Expectations” .
  • J. Harold Ellens, University of Michigan,
    “Psychological Aspects of Biblical Apocalypticism”
  • Respondent for all papers: Michael Willett Newheart, Howard University School of Divinity .

Session 2. Review of Wayne G. Rollins, Soul and Psyche: The Bible in Psychological Perspective,
Paul N. Anderson, Yale Divinity School, Presiding

  • Wayne G. Rollins, Assumption College, Introduction and Conclusion
  • Review and Discussion: .
    • Marcus J. Borg, Oregon State University
    • Schuyler Brown, St. Michael’s College, Toronto
    • Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary
    • Donald Capps, Princeton Theological Seminary
    • D. Andrew Kille, Santa Clara University/ Holy Names College
    • Ilona N. Rashkow, State University of New York at Stony Brook
    • J. Harold Ellens, University of Michigan

1998 (Orlando)

Session 1: Psychological Models for Textual Interpretation. Kamila Blessing, presiding

  • Paul N. Anderson on his book, The Christology of the Fourth Gospel (Trinity Press International, 1997)
    Respondent: James W. Fowler
  • Petri Merenlahti, “The Dynamics of the Gospel Narratives: Can Psychoanalytic Criticism Contribute to a Dynamic Approach to the Gospels?”
    Respondent: D. Andrew Kille
  • Schuyler Brown on his book, Text and Psyche: Experiencing Scripture Today (Continuum, 1998)
    Respondent: Walter Wink

Session 2: Depth Psychology and Exegesis: The Work of Eugen Drewermann, Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

  • Matthias Beier, Beyond Historical Criticism: Eugen Drewermann’s Psychological Hermeneutics .
    Respondent: David L. Miller
  • Bernhard Lang, Romantic and Eliadean Elements in the Thought of Eugen Drewermann .
    Respondent: R. Todd Wise
  • Annette G. Esser, Bibliodrama, Drewermann and Psychological Hermeneutics
    Respondent: Margaret G. Alter .
  • Wayne G. Rollins, Business Meeting and Planning Session

1997 (San Francisco)

Session 1: Two Book Reviews on Works in Psychology and Biblical Studies Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

  • Stevan L. Davies, Misericordia College: Jesus the Healer: Possession, Trance, and the Origins of Christianity (New York: Continuum, 1995)
    Respondents: John J. Pilch, Georgetown University; Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Senunary
  • John W. Miller, Conrad Grebel College and University of Waterloo: Jesus at Thirty: A Psychological and Historical Portrait (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1997) .
    Respondents: Marcus Borg, Oregon State University; D. Andrew Kille, Graduate Theological Union

Session 2: Soul and Psyche in Biblical and Psychological Perspective Charles T. Davis, III, presiding

  • Andrew LaCocque, Chicago Theological Seminary “The Soul in Hebrew Scriptures: A Contemporary Psychological Perspective”
    Respondent: Lynn Bechtel, Moravian Theological Seminary
  • Michael Willett Newheart, Howard University School of Divinity “The Soul in the New Testament: A Contemporary Psychological Perspective”
    Respondent: Schuyler Brown, St. Michael’s College, Toronto
  • Jeffrey H. Boyd, Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury, CT “Reclaiming the Soul: A Biblical Psychological-Critical Enterprise”
    Respondent: J. Harold Ellens, University of Michigan

1996 (New Orleans)

Session 1: Psychology and Biblical Studies: Retrospect and Prospect Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

  • J. Harold Ellens, “The Bible and Psychology, An Interdisciplinary Pilgrimage” .
  • Walter Wink, “The Bible in Human Transformation: Retrospect and Prospect” .
  • Dereck M. Daschke, “The Apocalyptic Unconscious: A Graduate Student’s Revelations” .
  • D. Andrew Kille, “A Degree in What? Psychological Biblical Criticism from a Graduate Student’s Point of View”

Session 2: Biblical Figures and Texts in Psycho-Hermeneutical Perspective Kamila Blessing, presiding

  • William Morrow, “Toxic Religion and the Daughters of Job” .
  • Robert Neuwoehner, ” A Reflection of the Great Mother in Ancient Israel: The Deborah-Jael Narrative from a Psycho-Symbolic Perspective” .
  • Anna D. Piskorowski, “The Faceless Eve”
  • Respondent: Margaret G. Alter .
  • Wayne G. Rollins, Group Organizational and Planning Session

1995 (Philadelphia)
Psychological Models for Biblical Interpretation

Session 1: Wayne G. Rollins, presiding

  • Martin J. Buss, “The Social Psychology of Prophecy”
  • Ralph L. Underwood, “Primordial Texts: An Object Relations Approach to Biblical Hermeneutics”
  • Bernhard Lang, “A New Voice in Psychological Exegesis: Eugen Drewermann”

Session 2: Michael Willett Newheart, presiding

  • Margaret G. Alter, “Prophet as a Psychological Construct in Mark 5: 25-34: A Clinician’s Perspective”
  • Kamila Blessing, ‘Murray Bowen’s Systems Psychodynamics as Hermeneutic”
  • Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S., “The Wisdom of Job: Moral Maturity or Religious Reckoning?”
  • Charles T. Davis, III, “PSYBIBS: Our Seminar in Cyberspace”
  • Panelists: Arthur Freeman, D. Andrew Kille

1994 (Chicago)
Biblical Texts and Stories in Psychological-Hermeneutical Perspective

Session 1: Gnostic Literature and Jungian Exegesis. Wayne G. Rollins presiding

  • Robert A. Segal, “The Allure of Gnosticism for Jung”
  • Schuyler Brown, “‘Begotten, Not Created:’ The Gnostic Use of Language in Jungian Perspective”
  • Murray Stein, “The Gnostic Critique: Past and Present” .
  • Respondents: Peter Homans, David L. Miller, Dan Merkur, Elaine H. Pagels

Session 2: Biblical Texts and Stories in Psychological Hermeneutical Perspective. Schuyler Brown, presiding

  • Lyn M. Bechtel, “A Psychological Approach to Genesis 2:4b-3:24”
  • D. Andrew Kille, “What is This to You? Psychological Reflections on Amos 5:18-20”
  • Dan Merkur, “And He Trusted Yahweh: Abram’s Transformation in Genesis 12 13, 15”
  • John J. Schmitt, “Yahweh and His Foundling: Psychological Reflections on Ezekiel 16”
  • Panelists: Kamila Blessing, Michael Willett Newheart

1993 (Washington, D. C.)
Psychological Models for Textual Interpretation

Session 1: Marcus J. Borg presiding.

  • Wayne G. Rollins, `Rationale and Agenda for a Psychological-Critical Approach to the Bible and its Interpretation”
  • James E. Dittes, “Psychologist as Hermeneutical Sounding Board”
  • David L. Miller, “Teaching Biblical Imagery with Psychological Likeness”
  • Respondents: Gary A. Phillips, Donald Capps.

Session 2: Wayne G. Rollins presiding

  • Paul N. Anderson, “Cognitive Origins of John’s Unitive and Disunitive Christology”
  • Kamila Blessing, “Luke’s Unjust Steward Viewed from the Window of Milton Erickson”
  • Sarah J. Dille, “‘You shall call me “My Father”‘: Psychological Perspectives on the Fatherhood of God in the Hebrew Bible”
  • Laura Rey Spicer, “Rationalizing the Domination of Women: The Splitting and Idealization of the Levite’s Concubine in Judges 19-21”
  • Panelists: J. Harold Ellens, Dan Merkur

1992 (San Francisco)
Future Directions for Psychology and Biblical Studies

Wayne G. Rollins presiding

  • David L. Miller, “Abysmal Melodies and Dazzling Remembrance: Teaching a Hermeneutics of Depth Psychology and the Bible”
  • Regina Schwartz, “Freud and Moses”
  • Walter Wink, “Who is Like the Beast? (Rev. 12-113): Toward a Social Psychology of Domination”
  • Respondents: James Goss, Ilona N. Rashkow, Paul W. Hollenbach

1991 (Kansas City)
Psychology and Biblical Studies in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Marcus J. Borg presiding

  • Wayne G. Rollins, “Psychology and Biblical Studies: An Historical Overview”
  • David J. Halperin, “Psychoanalysis and the Bible: Ezekiel’s Personality Reconsidered”
  • Respondents and Panelists: Marcus J. Borg, Adela Y. Collins, Walter Wink, Wilhelm Wuellner

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