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Psychological Biblical Criticism is . . .

. . . a way of reading and interpreting biblical texts which is critically attentive to psychological factors involved in their origin, composition, transmission, interpretation, translation, and expression.



Psychological Hermeneutics of the Bible

J. Harold Ellens is one of the founding members of the Psychology and Biblical Studies Section, has served many years on the Steering Committee, and has contibuted significantly to publication of work in the field. He notes, “Lately I have been working on epitomizing my approach to the psychological hermeneutics of biblical themes and texts.” The results are below.

Psychological Hermeneutics of The Bible
J. Harold Ellens

My approach to the Psychological Hermeneutics of biblical themes and texts has always been from the operationally applied side to the conceptual models.  I have been reflecting lately on how I can epitomize both the content and method of my work in psychological hermeneutics of scripture. I think I have been able to conceptualize it articulately.

I operate, like Isaac Newton, with three basic laws that I think must reign in the field of biblical interpretation if one is to get at the essential biblical truth. They are as follows: Continue reading