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SBL Renews Psychology and Biblical Studies Unit

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The Psychology and Biblical Studies unit came up for renewal this year. The Society of Biblical Literature reviews the activities and direction of its program units every six years, and following the process, Psybibs was renewed as a Program Unit. However, the nature of the group was changed from a Section to a Seminar. What does this mean?

According to the SBL guidelines, a Section:

…offers presenters most access for unsolicited papers; required to have at least one open session each year; session types include paper readings, panel discussions, and workshops that involve practical, hands-on, learning opportunities related to teaching and/or research applications.

A Seminar involves:

long-range collaborative research topics/papers that require active participation and well-defined research topics or projects; unit chairs collect papers before meeting and distribute to participant group; papers are summarized and discussed, not read, at meetings.
As we celebrate 25 years of work at the intersections of psychology and biblical studies, we look forward to continuing our work in a more focused and collegial form as we move into the future.

One thought on “SBL Renews Psychology and Biblical Studies Unit

  1. I appreciate the society for such an endeavor to widen the horizon of the studies.

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