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Proposals sought for International Meeting

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Dear Colleagues,

This letter is a proposal and an invitation for participation in the ISBL 2013 program at St. Andrews, Scotland next July in the Psychological Hermeneutics for Biblical Themes and Texts Section. I would like you to consider seriously presenting a substantive paper in that program. I am hoping that we will have five sessions in that section with each presenter having 30 minutes to present and 15 minutes to discuss each contribution. The five sessions I am proposing would address the following topics.

  1.  The Psychology of Biblical Concepts of Propitiation/Sacrifice and their import.
  2. Psychological Profiles of Biblical Characters.
  3. Psychological Analysis of New Perspectives on St. Paul
  4. Psychodynamics of Irony as a Lens for Seeing the Biblical Texts and their Meanings
  5. An open session inviting any topic that the contributor wishes to present.

Whether we will retain these five sessions in our section depends upon whether we receive enough adequate proposals with abstracts for substantive presentations on the topics proposed.

Please send your ideas and statement of desire and intent to present to as soon as possible; and I would like to have your actual proposal with abstract by January 2013.

Please send me the names and email addresses of other colleagues whom you think should get this letter of invitation and also contact others you know who you can encourage to participate.

Dr. J. Harold Ellens


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