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Jesus: A Psychological Biography


Capps, D. (2000). Jesus: A Psychological Biography (St. Louis: Chalice Press).

Capps, Professor of Pastoral Theology at Princeton, brings his considerable expertise and insight to bear on the historical Jesus. After making the case for psychohistory and taking care to set the context of the Gospel narratives in the first century, Capps explores how being a “fatherless son” might have shaped Jesus’ early experiences, how his healings might be related to dealing with people’s anxieties and whether he might be described as a “utopian-melancholic” personality. Readers may or may not find Capps convincing; no matter what, he is certainly interesting.

This book was featured in a session of the Psychology and Biblical Studies Section at the Annual Meeting in Nashville in November 2000.


2 thoughts on “Jesus: A Psychological Biography

  1. Does he talk at all about God as a father, and whose father is God’s; and even more interesting who is God’s mother?

    • Capps writes from the perspective of the historical Jesus, not the theology that developed around him. Your questions move off into worlds of metaphor and philosophical speculation which are far beyond Capps’ project.

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