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A Psychological Interpretation of Ruth

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Kluger, Y., & Kluger-Nash, N. (1999). A Psychological Interpretation of Ruth, with a companion essay, Standing in the Sandals of Naomi, A Psychological Interpretation of Ruth. Einseideln, Switzerland: Daimon.

This book is a family effort. The first part was originally written by Yehezkel Kluger as part of the graduation requirements for the Jung Institute in Zürich. Kluger had been inspired by a series of lectures given by his wife, Rivkah Schärf Kluger, on “Women in the Old Testament.” Rivkah was also known as the author of Satan in the Old Testament (1967) and Psyche and Bible: Three Old Testament Themes (1974). He returned to the text to develop more fully his thesis that the book of Ruth expresses a return of the Feminine to Israelite religion after it had been displaced by the cult of JHWH. The second part of the book is written by Nomi Kluger-Nash, daughter of Yehezkel and Rivkah, herself a Jungian psychologist. It is a personal response to the book of Ruth and her father’s writing about it, more of an amplification of the text and its associations than an exegesis.


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