Society of Biblical Literature

2000 Nashville

Psychology and Biblical Studies

SBL Annual Meeting, Nashville
November 18- 21, 2000

The Pathogenic and Therapeutic
in Biblical Texts and Interpretations

D. Andrew Kille, Diocese of San Jose, Presiding

Review of Ilona Rashkow, Taboo or Not Taboo:
Sexuality and Family in the Hebrew Bible
(Fortress Press, 2000)


    • Ilona N. Rashkow, SUNY
    • Ken Stone, Chicago Theological Seminary

William S. Morrow, Queens Theological College
Alice Miller as Exegete: The Battered Child of Lamentations

Kari Syreeni, University of Uppsala
In Memory of Jesus: Grief Work in the Gospels

Margaret G. Alter, Graduate Theological Union
Teaching “The Good Samaritan” to Children: A Montessori Approach

Review of Two Recent Books

Wayne G. Rollins, Hartford Seminary, Presiding

Review of Hal Childs, The Myth of the Historical Jesus
and  the Evolution of Consciousness:
John Dominic Crossan’s Quest in Psychological Perspective
(SBLDS, 2000)

  • Hal Childs, Vallejo, CA
  • John Dominic Crossan, DePaul University
  • Walter Wink, Auburn Theological Seminary

Review of Donald Capps, Jesus: A Psychological Biography
(Chalice Press, 2000)

  • Donald Capps, Princeton University
  • John W. Miller, Conrad Grebel College
  • Jay Harold Ellens, University of Michigan

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